One of my friends had a baby girl who quickly grew out of her baby clothes, so I was very happy to take them on. There were two garbage bags full of very really high-quality things, including some Baby Gap. The baby is going to be better dressed than I am for the first year of life. Now the closet and the dresser are full of dresses, onsies, coats, shoes and little hats. I like how a lot of little hats have ears on them, which is a new thing I think was inspired by Europe and Japan. I first noticed them at Disneyland Paris during our 2000 honeymoon and am only just recently seeing them in the States. We spent our Saturday at a class on childbirth, always an eye-opener for anyone who goes through it. It’s important to know all of the details about pain medication and how epidurals are administered, but what really stuck out for me was how exhausted all the laboring women looked regardless of how much pain medication they were on. Not from the pain apparently, but from the sheer effort. I’m already tired, I know it all needs to go down the way it goes, but they could at least spare me from calling it the “exciting journey of labor.”

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