The original rabbit looked entirely different, funny how drawing choices change over the years.

This article on Apple’s press release today is a must-read. First it breaks it down to the basics, that Apple had banned third-party app development to enforce the use of their own development tools, not out of an altruistic intention to save their users from apps made from inferior products. And whoops, somebody forgot that apps built on those nasty alternative platforms were already sitting in the App Store. Apple had painted themselves into a corner and out of the chance to profit from hot new games without backtracking. Then the article really gets intriguing with a discussion of Apple’s arbitrary censorship of app content. What makes this ok, that not?

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  1. Scott

    Actually, believe it or not, I completely agree with you on this one. There’s a lot that’s said about the company and some of their decision making in this article. Even what they “don’t say” is very telling overall. This is one that everyone will want to read.

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