I loved how the color turned out on this one.

I have to get this rant out – my company is celebrating the launch of a website tomorrow. No lie, this website’s shopping cart was a living hell to format, and I spent weeks on this website that at times nearly brought me to tears of frustration. We’re celebrating with a potluck and I saw that no one was bringing dessert so I volunteered cake. Now I know how to make whipped icing, but I have this mixer… I got it with reward points from my last job and most of the time it does ok. But when I use the smaller bowl it turns the bowl at too high a speed for anything to actually get whipped, instead the centrifical force pushes the liquid against the side like the inside of a Gravitron. Unless I tape it, and I was so busy working on the rest of the cake I forgot to tape it. If you let this process go on long enough it turns heavy whipping cream into, yes, homemade butter. So I ended up with a big wad of homemade sweet butter, and now I have to go to the grocery store in early morning to pick up frosting. Which after dealing with this website for weeks, is truly the icing on the cake. So to speak.

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