Scooter and Ferret

The part that shocked me was that this was reported as news.

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  1. Corsair_Original

    I’m more impressed by how beautifully Ferret can vege out.

  2. Bo Lumpkin

    At least they get a lot of publicity..even if none of it is good.

  3. Tim


  4. Georgia

    I heard Mel drove his car into the side of the hills this weekend, reasons unknown. I would say he’s going through some stuff.

  5. David

    I second the observation that Ferret can vege out uniquely well.

    Small nit, Mel Gibson dropped Rome decades ago because of Vatican II. So, instead of landing on the punch line, I choked on, “Rome has Mel? no they don’t”.

    OK, I can roll with this if you are talking about pre-1960s Rome, is that what the cartoon dog meant? No, that does not work either.

    Well, now, I am not even close to snickering at Scooter.

    I hate being so smart, yes, it is a curse.

  6. Georgia

    Mel performs his own special version of the faith… Remember that the information came from Scooter.

  7. David

    OK it is funny again – thanks

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