The garden is getting tense.

The quest to turn my Mac into a convincing web development tool is not going well. The more proficient I become at using it, the more I find that I’m doing workarounds where workarounds shouldn’t be necessary. This thing was clearly designed as a personal computing tool for the the casual user. I put extra time into turning on fonts, closing and re-opening programs to pick up on changes I make to file directories, mousing over file paths it’s reluctant to show me, finding substitutes for slick tools they don’t make Mac versions of, and going to other computers to test my work in Internet Explorer so the overwhelming majority of my end users will see my work the way it was intended. Some of my least favorite quirks are within my web development programs, especially Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop. Oh Photoshop, when I zoom in and out of the image, why do you snap the window to fit so I have to resize it before I transform my selection? Why do you hide vital Save for Web settings and default them to stupid? Flash, you used to be my best friend… but your Mac keystrokes are giving me migraines. This morning is PC day and a welcome respite.

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