It was an exciting day yesterday when we finally took the trip to Babies R Us and got the three piece furniture set going in the nursery. The hard part about the trip was that the furniture had been a promised gift from my parents last March, and my mother had some firm ideas about what she wanted to get. We had made a trip to window shop in late March and found some things we all could agree on, and it was one of the last shopping trips my mother was well enough to take. She really wanted Classic Pooh bedding, but the whole line was out of stock and I thought it had been discontinued, maybe for good. This weekend we made the trip again, all very much feeling the void, and committed to buying as close to her wishes as possible. We found the right crib set, and even better than that, Classic Pooh was available again. It may seem like a silly little thing to get emotional about, but I teared up anyway. I sometimes have to set aside the sense that things aren’t fair, that some babies get to have two grandmothers and some just one. I remind myself that life isn’t fair that way, which is something you know in your head but may not always have sorted out in your emotions.

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