Case 1: Girl A unsubscribes to this email by clicking the link that takes her to the MailChimp unsubscribe form. Even though it’s not required, she graciously gives a reason for leaving and submits her form. MailChimp takes her off my list immediately. I hate to lose anyone of course, but when someone your stats show never opens your emails tells you she’s sorry but she might as well unsubscribe because she never bothers to open up your strip and read it, it’s understandable and totally justified that we say our farewells. I appreciate getting a reason too, any reason, just for records.

Case 2: Girl B, who also never opens the emails, spontaneously does one day. She unsubscribes and flags us her provider as spam. Well, this is really irritating for a number of reasons. Nothing you sign up for counts as spam, and there’s no one on my list that didn’t sign up (whether or not they remember doing it). MailChimp collects abuse complaints and if you rack up enough of them it hurts your ability to email. Now we don’t get enough of these complaints by any means to get banned, or that many unsubscribes to begin with. But I promise, should anyone choose to leave, submitting the form takes you off the list immediately. Not to mention how crazy it is to call something spam that’s never even tried to sell you anything. But I love you the most if you stick it out with us in the first place.

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