Transferring Joomla sites from server to server will eventually become routine, but I ran into a nasty snag last night. The latest site I’m working on has over 5000 files associated with it but unzipping the upload didn’t take long. Imagine my surprise when the mySQL database connection was in place no problem, but NO images and NO CSS would show. I tried all kinds of fixes and scoured forums until I found a thread where someone said it had to be a permissions issue. Sure enough I checked my files in the control panel and they all were set to 0700, and for those that don’t know that 0 at the end means “don’t execute.” Yes all 5000 files and no good way to adjust except to do it one by one. I changed a few folders, just enough to see that yes that was the problem, and went home from work pretty late. I called the server software company first thing and spent 10 minutes on the phone convincing the IT guy to run a script that took all of 15 seconds to process all of my files. The moral turned out to be, upload your files through the control panel file manager for the initial installation. And move these things around as little as you have to.

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  1. Mike

    If your Joomla site is hosted on a linux or unix system and you have shell access you can just log on, go to the directory with your files and do this:

    chmod -R 755 *

    Whala. This happens all the time with zip and FTP. That command will be your friend for a long time.

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