Don’t you know competition is from the devil??

Speaking of, Adobe launched an overdue ad campaign today targeting the recent attacks Apple has made on their products. I’ve taken a keen interest in the battle between the two companies because as a long-time Flash developer, this affects me dramatically. I’m also interested anytime distortion of the truth is involved, and since Apple can offer no real facts to backup their attacks, it’s no stretch to conclude that Adobe is really being blocked in favor of proprietary Apple software. Since Apple chose to block ad analytics at the same time, it’s hard to draw any conclusion other than that a big player is throwing their weight around to establish a monopoly. But the quickest way to change anyone’s mind is with your wallet, and the news that Android has surpassed the iPhone among smartphones in the US can only be attributed to their open development/open web approach and the accompanying marketing. Maybe it will take a long-term dive for the impact of the iPhone and iPad’s lack of Flash support to have an impact on the development choices of some creative agencies, who tend to be Mac-based and therefore also tend to over-emphasize the significance of Apple’s share of the market. But this dip could easily be a long-term trend, especially if there’s enough bad press. No one looks good when they’re accused of trying to control the internet.

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