Scooter and Ferret

Syndicates are especially funny about characters wielding guns. Funny as in, devoid of humor. As self-indulgent as this might be, the concept of “Republican Gun Family” utterly cuts me up.

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  1. David

    Good cartoon – do you have a link to the “whiteout bloom county” story? This is too funny.

    If I started a newspaper/ newsite today I would call it “something free press” and each new thing that has been censored in the last 15 years would get a daily front page article/reminder/update. How do people think that censorship like this improves anything?

  2. Georgia

    It’s a very small aside in the newest treasury collection that compiles the first several years of its syndication. There is a strip where a character is angrily holding up two enclosed hands to another, with nothing in them. It doesn’t look right, and when you read Berke’s comment to the side he explains. Unlike the “Pearls” book I mentioned, Berke is very sparing with his commentary.

  3. Jesse

    Since Breathed is quite liberal (though definitely NOT politically correct), that makes it even more amusing that his drawing of a firearm would be censored. Here’s one that not only has a rifle, but involves

  4. Jesse

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