Scooter and Ferret

It was Scott’s idea that the Baby Boomer gun child would be a ray gun.

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  1. Corsair_Original

    Puns have powers to cause violence like few other things.

  2. Lax

    Well, it’s like comparing kids today with their parents who born in the 70s, 80s and such

  3. Radarman

    The next time you come to my house, I’m going to ray both of you.

  4. Georgia

    If I was a gun, as a child of the 80s I think I would be a SuperSoaker. Everybody had or wanted one, or possibly that gun that shot invisible ink.

  5. Lax

    Heh, right now it’s the all about those water rifles and whatnot

  6. Corsair_Original
  7. Georgia

    Holy cow, look at that thing. I guess the Nerf machine gun really does “beat them all.”

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