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He’s a little “Brainy Smurf”-esque I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like the gradient tool and the pencil tool in Flash are harder to work with since Adobe bought Macromedia. It’s like they decided Flash wasn’t as crippled as Illustrator so they’d better level the playing field. I have noticed that […]

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The concept of hacking always sounds a lot cooler than the reality. Sunday when a German hacker group rerouted the DNS of several hosting companies to their website, we all got to see their incredible hacking skills. Too bad that didn’t translate to decent web design, what they were so eager to show off to […]

Scooter and Ferret

Looks like Pea is less than pleased with life’s simple pleasures. I’ve spent the past couple of night’s trying to wrap up my sister’s new website and I’ve made really good progress. There’s a whole open side bar now that’s ideal for widgets but I think I may let them play around with that. One […]

Lots of love out there for “Republican Gun Family.” Glad you like – here’s another! Maybe we should switch over, someone once told me our characters have too much expression and here’s the perfect antithesis. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Scooter and Ferret

More on the subject of syndicates and their unreasonable aversion to guns can be found in the latest Pearls Before Swine collection, which somebody gave to somebody at our house for Christmas. I don’t remember where it came from, just that it was in the magazine rack for several months and there was plenty in […]

Scooter and Ferret

Ever had a week when you’re just too exhausted to think of something to say? Happy Friday everybody! Bookmark It Hide Sites

I’m churning out scripts tonight because Scott only has one left before he runs on empty. OK so life has been a little transitional lately. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on a big storyline that should carry the strip into next month. We’ve seen a lot of characters come back since the January […]

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