I’m so glad the Olympics are over, now I can finally get some sleep. Seriously, skating was regularly getting good at 11 at night. This will be the week I post the new cartoon ‘Animal Court’, which my good friend Claude Edwards recorded over 10 years ago. Right before the Internet bubble burst, Flash cartoons were a little ahead of their time. It took me this long to look back on that old recording and ask myself, “I wonder how fast I could get something like this out the door?” The answer surprised me. As the writer, I can be impatient and demanding for Scott to provide me with artwork additional to his usual comic strip responsibilities. Then suddenly you realize that years of comic strip archives contain years of poses of the same character, in just about every keyframe you might be looking for. A little resizing, aligning, vectorization and there you are. What could the future hold? Dare I suggest… Communist Peas?

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