Scooter and Ferret

Everyone else has more time for Farmville than I do. I’m so behind.

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  1. David Reddick

    Scott and Georgia – I just found your comic thanks to an ad you ran on my site today – I LOVE the art and timing of the writing. NICELY done!!

  2. Georgia

    Hi David! It’s really nice to get a note from you because I’ve actually been following your RSS for a few months now. I’m not a roleplayer myself but my sister is and she made me a fan of Knights of the Dinner Table, so sword-and-sorcery-with-humor is right up my alley. Plus your art style really appeals to me. So right back at you!

  3. Jed Martinez

    If you really want to talk about folks totally obsessed by these Internet games… submitted for your approval is one Tyrnn Eaveranth – the co-creator/artist of the webcomic “Boomer Express” – who is SO into “World of Warcraft”, he hasn’t published his strips on a regular bi-weekly basis (like he used to). His most recent strip appeared on March 1st; his previous strip appeared on September 1st… six months ago! And people keep telling ME to ‘get a life’ (just because I read webcomics)!
    P.S. Thanks for including me in your E-mail subscription list!

  4. Georgia

    WoW is a real addiction isn’t it? Doctors are specializing in breaking it, but oh how easy it is to see the appeal of living beautiful in a game. Nice to see you Jed!

  5. David Reddick

    Thanks, Georgia! You are most welcome! L ove seeing your ad at LoB! Glad you like the strip! ;-) Keep up the awesome work.

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