Scooter and Ferret

The concept of creating jobs by doing something someone else has to undo is unfortunately a real phenomenon. Consider – every Garfield strip published means someone out there has to make a parody of it. To each act of creation, let there be an equal but opposite deconstruction.

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  1. George

    Nice-looking art, Scott and Georgia! I dig your style and the characters have great comedic potential. I’ll definitely be giving this series a thorough look-through. :)

  2. Georgia

    Same feelings in return – your stuff is eye-popping vibrant, I’m glad I got the recommendation to follow you!

  3. David

    Good satire, if Fredrick Bastiat had a webcomic he would have similar insight.
    (He is famed for suggesting that the government should build a negative railroad to stimulate the economy)

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