I wanted to upload all of my Megacon photos tonight but I couldn’t find the camera. What I did get to do is add in all of the new people who signed up for the strip over the weekend, so welcome to Scooter and Ferret! This is an excellent point to come in at as it’s the start of a new storyline. Don’t forget that the archives are all online so if you want to get to know the characters from the start, you can begin from the beginning. Or for the less patient types, the character page gives a good summary. I recently noticed that there are a few people getting to the website who must have heard somewhere that I’ve released a cartoon where Ferret and Scooter argue over drinking from the toilet, because they go to the search bar and search for variations on “Scooter” and “toilet. This is why analytics are important kids. I didn’t have a descriptor on the website that would bring someone to the Cartoons page via that kind of search, so once I saw people were lost, I added for them. I hope you enjoy and stick with us!

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