Fans of the Scooter and Ferret Facebook page (and probably anybody else who wants to see) can enjoy a nice big set of Megacon 2010 pictures freshly posted. It seems like a lot of people go to cons these days in costume. There was not only more cosplay on display than I’ve ever seen before, but there were a ton of booths catering to cosplayers, selling full costumes, accessories and even wigs. The trouble is, cosplayers go to cons to be seen and have their picture taken, they don’t go to buy comics. So although attendance might be high, purchasing in this economy is minimal. And it’s tough to get around to with all of those cosplayers getting their picture taken. I’m sure I got caught in the background of a host of shots.

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  1. Jessica

    :( Aw but there’s only like 41 pic’s. Megacon’s FB page has almost 4,000. :D But I’m still going to go look! Thanks!

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