Someone who has always had a lot of kind and inspiring words to say is Floyd Norman, former Disney animator who has published several books including the one I bought from him in San Diego, Faster! Cheaper! The Flip Side to the Art of Animation. Not only does the book give us a glimpse of the business of feature animation during the last years of Walt Disney, but it’s also a brave account of how management can interfere with quality. Floyd wrote us an encouraging note out of the blue and it reminded me of how lucky we are when we’re producing a creative endeavor. Making this comic strip over the years has given us the opportunity to meet and entertain people I don’t feel worthy of entertaining. These are people that might not be a common name to everybody but they mean a lot to me; people like John Canemaker, who so graciously gave me his time and encouragement when I was in the beginning stages of working on my graphic novel. Or like talk show host Hugh Hewitt, who wrote the book that inspired me to keep blogging. If you ever get the chance, their books are all library essentials.

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