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A friend of mine once told me that girls that like Keifer Sutherland are crazy, because he plays crazy characters. Guilty.

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  1. Corsair_Original

    There are few cries I’ve had equal to reaching the end of Watchmen in its original form. Which ultimately makes even less sense than being all about the movie version.

  2. Georgia

    I don’t think I cried after either one – but I did think the actor playing Rorschach was not unattractive, though he was intended to be. He’s the new Freddy Krueger BTW, giving me my fist urge to see a Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

  3. David Juel

    The Rorshack actor has a good role in the “Human Target” TV show – free on Hulu. I think that he does a good job with his roles. (The Watchmen movie should have been multi-part with the first part being the Rorshack tale)

    I am flying south this week – I will call tomorrow (Friday) and figure out what day works best to meet wherever for lunch! (if it is still a good week for you)
    Forecast for Florida says rain on Tuesday (when I last checked) so that might be a good day to lunch. – David

  4. David Juel

    I should have specified – rain on Tuesday March 9. So… subject to change

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