I was chatting with another webcomics artist the other day and he made a suggestion: a good way to get the word out is to put up some animated cartoons on YouTube, but of course he was sure I would have figured that out on my own. At which point I kicked myself because no, it really hadn’t occurred to me. It should have, because in 2000 we produced a short in Flash (back when that was a novel thing to do) and a few years later I made three animated sketches in which Maridee answered reader questions in an amusing way. I’d never posted any of it anywhere but on our own websites and none of it ever reached a wide audience. So I made up for lost years yesterday and converted all four shorts into YouTube-ready video. I’m going to spread out the postings a little in order to give myself a little time to put together something new. I’ve got another “Ask Maridee” in the works and maybe something even more exciting. How about hearing Ferret’s voice for the first time? We’ll see… In the meantime, I present Hydrant, the very first cartoon we produced while still working in Atlanta. Scott drew and animated the characters, everything else was me.

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