Not just every four years. I am getting really annoyed tonight with Dick Button. I would like him to stop comparing Evgeni Plushenko to a sledgehammer. It’s a plus when you don’t skate like every other skater always has. Figure skating is my sport and I watch it throughout the year – thank you everyone for taking the time out during the Olympics to watch it with me.

I posted the first Ask Maridee short yesterday, and the one comment so far proves once again that satire is difficult to grasp for some. It’s been two nights of work and I’ve completed the dialogue synch and all of the eye blinks for the next short. That’s a lot quicker than I remember it used to be.

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  1. John Raopne

    Great stuff! You could’ve just let him have the punchline but the “now drop your pronouns” made it 10x better. Well done.

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