I gave in to peer pressure on Saturday and went to see Avatar. I would like to show you some pictures from my experience. Like this one… Wait, that’s not from the movie? Must have been this one… Oh, that’s a different psychedelic world. Well at least it had an original story… Oh. At least it’s an original concept… No? Well it sure was cool the way things lit up at night, now what did that make me think of… Oh right. No wonder something reminded me of college.

So not an original look, not an original story, up for lots of Oscars. “Unobtanium” is what my engineer dad used to call materials that were hard to get as a joke, and I just watched people talk about it for three hours without cracking a smile. Wow. If you think that’s bad though, check out excerpts from the original script. What do you know, it wasn’t enough for everything to look like an acid trip, Jake was actually supposed to have one. So not living on Pandora is giving some people post-Avatar depression? I’d be depressed if I was living there. I didn’t see ANY snuggies, lap dogs or hot cocoa. In conclusion, if you don’t know what this is you should learn more about it, so you know when the movies are selling you a bill of goods, Kimba.

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