At the request of the Artist, we would like to highlight some of the supportive statements we received from our friends and fans:

“Well it’s about time! Welcome back. You’ve been missed.” – John Lustig, Last Kiss Comics

“Looks great kids!” – Dan Baldwin, Indiana University

“I am thrilled about your return. I am probably your # 1 fan. Thank you for sharing your expertised graphic talent, as well as your wit. You will enjoy a rainbow-filled future.” – Mrs. Marshall

“OMG OMG OMG OMG Back online! I was checking constantly and going ‘Wait …. today is totally not the 6th.’ ‘No, not the 6th yet …'” – Jessie Jones, EverTomorrow

“It’s great to see the little guy coming home. I will be looking forward to the flashback sequences where he gets to relive the “highlights” of his trip.” – Mark Monlux, The Return of Stickman

“Very excited to get a Scooter and Ferret in my inbox today! Congrats to both of you” – Gene Ambaum, Unshelved

And I would like to give a special thanks to Krishna of PC Weenies for being the fist person to ReTweet one of our strips on Twitter.

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  1. trinalin

    Heh, it’s thanks to PC Weenies that I discovered the comic. Looks like a fun ride. Looking forward to reading the old ones and keeping up with the new ones.

  2. Georgia

    Thanks here’s hoping the ride through the archives is a good one… Krishna has really increased his readership over the years so I’m very grateful to him for the referral.

  3. Corsair_Original

    I sound like such a tard online apparently.

  4. Georgia

    You sound enthusiastic, enthusiasm is a good thing!!

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