I’ve been experimenting this week with the ad server product Project Wonderful and having a great time doing it. For anyone that isn’t familiar with this service, you may have already seen it creeping into one of your favorite websites. Signing up for a free account gives you access both to advertising on the website of other Project Wonderful users or displaying their ads on your own website. You bid through PW via a process akin to eBay, bidding on the space against other potential buyers but only paying for the current bid. It has two things going for it: you pay for a day, not for a click, and the number of websites using the service (and therefore available to you) is already significant. PW is becoming particularly common on webcomic sites, and it makes perfect sense, for what could be an easier way to bring advertisers, audiences and content together as one? When this strip first launched, offering up ad space meant creating a page on your website to let people who happen to already know about your website contact you for an agreement. Payment was clunky, probably by check. In the mail, people. PW is conveniently hooked up to your Paypal account, and any payment that might be coming to you from advertisers on your own site is dropped neatly into the same place. I’m saying this all the time now but this really is ridiculously easier than it used to be. We’ve been approved to display ads on Scooter and Ferret so if you’ve got something to promote, you could be the first!

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