We’ve been in Florida for two years and haven’t gotten to know much of anyone creating comics. While we were off the strip we didn’t hit any cons, there are no Orlando comic clubs as far as we can discover, and the handful of ex-Disney animators we’d met weren’t particularly looking for new friends. So I had a really good time talking shop in Tampa this weekend with Krishna Sadasivam, creator of the VERY long-running webcomic PC Weenies. PC Weenies is a tech comic for tech enthusiasts, made relatable to technical folks through Krishna’s solid engineering credentials. We share SCAD in common and there is a bond in being a SCAD alum that nothing else can really compare to; he attended grad school there in the 2000s while we got undergraduate degrees in the 90s and the school went through a lot of changes during those years. But most of all I enjoyed talking about upcoming cons, because I couldn’t be more excited about getting back into the circuit. Showing at cons is always made so much more enjoyable when you know some of your fellow exhibitors, something we learned while we were appearing at cons in the Pacific Northwest. Since I can’t magically transport all of those excellent people down here, it’s time to meet some excellent people in Florida too. We had a terrific time meeting Krishna and he will be at Megacon, so if you’re there too, make sure you stop by and get one of his books!

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  1. Krishna

    Thanks for the kind words, Georgia!

    We had a great time meeting you and Scott! And the Thai food was awesome, too! Looking forward to seeing you both at Megacon.

  2. Georgia

    Looking forward to seeing you as well! I’m still thinking about the Thai so it must have been pretty amazing. It’s making me want Thai again today…

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