My sister graduated from SCAD with a Sequential Art degree, just as Scott did, and just as many of our favorite artist colleagues did as well. She formed an artist co-op with several of her talented friends and I’ve just finished getting most of the work done on their website, Cliffside Comics. I say most because the header is not supposed to look like that, I haven’t found the section of the CSS that controls the height of that space yet. Also I plan to spruce up some icons and I need some additional content. I’m working on the site now because when we go to Megacon we’re registered under the Cliffside banner, where we’ll be not only promoting our own comic, but also making available work from the other artists. I like the cooperative publishing house concept because it opens up our options on what we can come out with and which cons our books can go to. We have no intention of hauling ourselves out to another anime con, but Cliffside Comics has titles with an anime influence and is already scheduled to go to one this year. Besides it’s a lot more fun to exhibit with friends, and we’ll get to trade off who has to sit at the booth and who can go to a panel. Pretty nifty.

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  1. Corsair_Original

    Cliffside represent!

    Almost ready to come out, then? :D I can’t wait.

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