We received our official confirmation that we have a booth reserved at Megacon, convention. I’m obviously excited because this is the first convention we’ve done since 2006. We didn’t have a lot of funds to work with when we were doing cons last time so we only did them in the Seattle/Vancouver/Olympia area. As much as I enjoyed Emerald City Comic Con we couldn’t justify doing it in 2007 because we were moving and retooling the strip for the syndicate anyway. Now ECCC has scheduled itself right over Megacon so as many friends as we have in the Seattle area, the sheer size of Megacon and its proximity make it the obvious winner. I would really like to see how we would do in a convention center with a lot of traffic, it might have been the dismal turnout in 2006 that put me off 2007 as much as the move. It seems like that was the year it coincided with the Superbowl, ugh.

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