I’ve started Larry Niven’s book Ringworld three times and never finished it. I’m a science fiction fan, I really am, but I’m sorry guys, it’s just too stupid. But there was one aspect of his premise that has always captured my imagination: one of his characters, by way of natural selection, is bred for luck. I have friends I joke about being “bred for luck” or naturally fortunate, people who regularly find aces in their hand and score brilliantly on multiple choice tests despite knowing none of the answers. You lucky dogs you. I am not one of those people, proven once again as the first time I experience an outage with my new web host happens to coincide with the day our press release is reported on Fleen. During my time away from the pulse of webcomics a series of blogs and web magazines have sprung up that report on webcomics news, I’m taking some time these days to get to know some of them. To tell you the truth, being somewhat old school when we started this comic, I’m still getting past the mindset that what happens in webcomics really doesn’t matter that much. Fleen is a nice gateway to getting past that kind of thinking. Do you think our return after our hiatus has resulted in a stronger, more refined strip? Probably remains to be seen.

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  1. tudza

    I find that the first half hour or so of Ringworld, for me anyway, is very relaxing. I wrote a little Python script to turn off Audible Manager after thirty minutes just so I could fall asleep listening to it.

  2. Georgia

    LOL I think I just snorted. That’s putting technology to work! I think my biggest stumbling block was that “being lucky” was the only thing the female character brought to the table and that has always seemed a might sexist. Maybe if I read on I would find out everyone else eventually blows up their own ship while she escapes through sheer luck, and that might be some small comfort.

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