Today is the big day, the comic strip is finally back. I’ve had a great feeling of accomplishment from everything I learned making the new website. The very first Scooter and Ferret website was launched in March 2004, it was army green and the comic was tiny on the home page. The new version has been in development for months and has all kind of bells and whistles, like content management, an attractive archive calendar and drop down, ad serving, flexible form creation and COMMENTS. Yes, comments. Up until now, it was only possible to share your thoughts with us and us alone. Now you can tell me where to go and make sure everyone else knows you said so.

Email subscribers should know that there is also a new email campaign system sending them their comics, and that updating your email address profile is automated. RSS lovers should know that the strip and the blog are now available at To make it any easier to stay in touch with us we’d have to be living at your house, and nobody wants that. We have 5 cats.

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  1. John Lustig

    Well it’s about time! Welcome back. You’ve been missed.

    But…wait a minute. You’ve got five cats now? We could’ve given you one that would be as heavy as five!

  2. Georgia

    Oddly enough you’re one cat equals the trouble of 5, so I think we’ll stick with ours. It is about time.

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