We are fast approaching 2010 and the return of the original Scooter and Ferret webcomic!

We began the Scooter and Ferret webcomic in March 2004 and the exploits of Ferret, Scooter and Maridee entertained audiences until 2006. A newspaper syndicate expressed some interest in our strip but requested a lot of changes first, so we retooled our comic into Ask Maridee. Ultimately the strip was not picked up, and we had many requests for the return of Scooter and Ferret in the meantime. As popular as Maridee is, everyone seemed to miss her friends as much as we did.

So here we are, preparing to reboot this strange and epic journey. Did we start from scratch? Not hardly. Everything remains in continuity, so anyone and everyone could show up again. Some characters came and went, some evolved, some have stayed essentially the same. One thing is certain, this is the right thing to do at the right time, and I can’t wait to see everyone again.

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  1. Mrs. Marshall

    Dear Friends,
    I am thrilled about your return. I am probably your # 1 fan. Thank you for sharing your expertised graphic talent, as well as your wit.
    You will enjoy a rainbow-filled future,
    Mrs. Marshall

  2. Georgia

    I’ve never been wished a rainbow future before… It feels pretty special, like even better than a golden future. Welcome back #1 fan!!

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