As part of my preparations for the upcoming re-launch, I’m moving this website over to a new server. I installed WordPress on Network Solutions and they are not one of those open, friendly hosting services that gives you access to the database. I have to manually transfer the content into the new admin. Consequently I find myself going back through my blog posts from 2003 onward, getting a sometimes excruciating second look at the last six years. My blog entries from that time and that place no longer have much to do with the person I am today. They may have been part of my foundation, but the person who wrote them is a stranger to me now.

For one thing I spent A LOT of time blogging about the effect of foreign outsourcing on the animation industry. Bad press and impracticality kept foreign outsourcing from completely eliminating American jobs, a lot of people just immigrated here, and the animation industry went to 3D anyway. It was interesting to read the entry announcing the closure of the Disney Florida feature studios again just as the first traditionally animated Disney feature since Home on the Range is about to be released. Like a backyard garden, things wither and things are born again. This window into the past just reinforces for me how I slipped away from animation altogether and found a new love for comics.

In other news, my last trip to my grandparents’ house revealed a lot of letters I didn’t realize we had. My great-grandparents kept a scrapbook while their son was at war and attached every communication they received during those 4 years to its pages. There were also a ton of newspaper articles from the Port Arthur paper, many of them referencing my grandfather and his parents. The contents gave me a lot of additional information, enough to scrap all of my current page numbers and say I will just have to number the script when I’m done with it, I can’t plan for how many additional pages I might insert throughout. Two sets of letters have filled out the brief stay on Angel Island prior to deployment and considering how weak I thought that section was in my original manuscript, obviously I’m reworking it. One thing I noticed: my grandfather outlined his entire Thanksgiving menu. Apparently food was high on his mind even before he was starving in Japan.

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