What busy days these are! The biggest event lately is the quest for Grad school. After I managed to get all of my recommendations, write my essay, complete my application and turn everything in, I found out that my undergrad school had never gotten my faxed request to send my transcript. I called and left messages, but didn’t get any real action until I got someone on the phone. I faxed the request again, it was processed and mailed, and I got my official acceptance while I was on vacation.

As soon as I got back I got on MyUCF to register for class. But after I’d gone through adding classes, I discovered I had a hold on my registration. There was a health document I didn’t know about. I called my parents and began my spirited search for my health records. My former pediatrition was dead, my first undergrad school had dumped my records and the second I got my degree from had never asked for them. My parents had to go down to my high school to dig them up. We sent them off but when I called the Health Center, I learned that I was missing a second vaccination for measles. Measles vaccine? At my age? Ok…

It took me another week to get into the doctor and tell him my plight. They immediately blood-tested me for measles immunity and gave me a tetanus shot for luck. I tested immune and the doctor’s office sent off my form. I called the Health Center and discovered – they would only be satisfied with the lab results. If they read the lab results differently from the doctor, they planned to challenge his sign off. Wow. Fortunately they must have deemed my lab results acceptable; my hold came off after the doctor faxed them over.

Back to registering for those classes. The finance class I wanted to get into, after all of this running around, had only one space left. I attempted to get in and – denied! I got an error telling me I needed permission to take this class. That really surprised me because it was clearly one of the four my acceptance letter told me I had to take, a required Foundation class. I called the registrar’s office, and they explained that I would need a permission ID number to override the system and allow me to register. I needed an override to take a class I had to take? They assured me there was nothing they could do after that, they would forward me to my MBA department. I had to leave a message.

Fortunately, someone in that office did get back to me and helped me get my override. Unfortunately, the Finance class filled in the meantime. I decided to get into the Accounting class, but I needed yet another override number and had to call back.

I’m relieved to say that I got help again and I am now registered for two classes this summer. I knew grad school was hard, but registration wasn’t the part I thought would be hard. I’m just glad to be in, glad to be taking this step, and even happy to see the ginormous accounting textbook had to order.

I had a party on Friday where I served a series of mixed drinks to a group of friends. Some people might have gotten a little overexcited and broken a cup. You know who you are. I served a Brandy Apple Snap, a Tequila Mockingbird, a Singapore Sling, a Blue Hawaiian, a Dragon Fly, and a very rich shooter, so I’ll take the blame. Two friends stayed over so we hit the driving range in the morning before going to an event, so I don’t mind that today was filled with chores. It was a great weekend.

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