I think I spent the entire first few weeks of February coloring, and the last two weeks too sick to get out of bed. When Scott gets on these crunch assignments for Japan, the inevitable result is me sitting on my butt in front of the computer night after night. It’s not surprising that leads to sleep deprivation during the time of year when I need it most to fend off my grass allergies, and that days of constant hay fever carefully cultivate a sinus infection. This one has been hard to get rid of. Especially since I have begun a new project of my own: getting my MBA.

I did some research at the beginning of 2009 and confirmed that I would need to take my GMAT to even consider getting into graduate school. This is someone who hasn’t taken a math class since I left Georgia Tech, when a miserable experience with Calculus III left no doubt in my mind that I would never make it through Calc IV and V (It’s a weird thing about Tech – the students refer to ever class by an abbreviation. Calculus = Calc, Chem = Chemistry, Diffy Q’s = Differential Equations, etc. I never got it. Probably contributed to my exit). So I picked up my GMAT for Dummies book, generously passed along from a friend currently in grad school, and gave myself a crash course in math.

I was never that great in math. I say that, while I admit, I did take nothing but honors math all the way to graduation from high school, and even made a high enough score on the AP test to get out of a quarter of college Calculus. But I had to work very, very hard at it. So hard that I barely gave any other class a second thought, never studied for much of anything else beyond taking a passing glance at science, and was darn lucky I didn’t have to. By the time I was struggling through Calc III, I had to acknowledge I was faking my way through it, I didn’t really understand it and I needed to get out. I transferred my goals to be a computer programmer to computer artist. No math in art school for me.

I just spent a month confronted with math concepts I hadn’t thought twice about in years. A math tutor might have helped, but on my own, I had limited success at figuring out how to approach most of the problems. Of any type. The book didn’t quite cover all of the material I was confronted with on the practice tests. I was freaking out by the time I had to go to my testing appointment, and I was recovering from an illness. I’m going to say straight up, I still don’t understand finding “Work.” It looks like it should be so simple too. When I took the test I got caught up in the problems I had half a chance at solving and didn’t come close to finishing the Quantitative section.

So my scores mirrored my SATs: near 100% on the verbal, on the math, just plain sad. But one made up for the other and I surpassed the minimum I needed. On to the next step: application!

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