If you saw my site right now you’d be wondering WHAT is GOING ON?? The layout is completely different and of all things, the complete archive of Scooter and Ferret strips is now up, including all the way through that end period when it went under the name of Ask Maridee. It’s all part of the preparations for the rebirth of the strip under the old name, continued not as if nothing has happened, but as if it took a fresh breath of air and put the wheels back in motion. In anticipation of that, I’ve been applying the Comicpress WordPress theme to the site and I’m no CSS whiz. Therefore the application of the new theme is taking me several nights of work. I’m in Savannah at the moment too, adding to the chaos preventing me from finishing my work. Sorry you might be seeing the website’s underpants, but maybe I’m making up for that by getting the archive live first. Strips that haven’t been available in years are now viewable again. Not only that but I’ve gone back and updated the MySpace page. Orlando is a new life and it’s a new world ahead. If you’re not familiar with Scooter and Ferret, now is as good a time as any to go back to the sweet and tender years of 2004-2007 and get to know Ferret, Scooter, Ed and of course, Maridee.

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