What a whirlwind weekend. A party with Wyndham Friday night and two nights out in row with the locals. Did you know you can play homemade Pictionary? Yeah, I feel a little silly for not thinking outside of the game box on that one. I have a HUGE number of pictures to upload from Friday but I haven’t gotten to it, because in the middle of everything I’ve been updating my portfolio for the first time in 4 years. This time I’m having to do a lot more explaining than I used to, including everyone’s contribution and detailing the business results. It’s more fun to lead a team of talented people than it is to be on your own. I’m so proud of what both teams, the one in Redmond and the one I had here, accomplished over the years. Jason, Lucas, Patrick, Deen, Zanne, Frank, Mike, HeidiĀ and Kyle – you’re all fantastic. I still have a couple of bugs to work out on some of my old work, but you gotta sleep sometime.

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