I haven’t posted much this week because surgery is an uncomfortable subject. So Scott’s family has this hereditary vascular problem that gradually turns into some pretty severe vericose veins. He got an ultrasound a few months ago because he’s been feeling some numbing sensations in his legs, and they said his veins are “messed up” (that’s the medical terminology, aren’t I brainy?). So they’re doing two procedures, one on each leg. On Thursday I took him to the hosital and they put him out deep, I had to take off work so I could take him home and make sure he was fed his painkillers. It’s difficult for him to walk and he’s recovering a little slower than he thought he would.

But that didn’t stop him from doing what he told himself he would do to compensate for having to have vascular surgery: get a new TV. I spent yesterday following him hobbling through Circuit City and Best Buy in the hunt for a big screen. The local Circuit City is going out of business and everything there was a mad rush, but the better price still came from Best Buy. Here it is:

46" fits nicely on the new TV stand. 46″ fits nicely on the new TV stand.

He asks me if I was excited and to be honest, not too. I didn’t realize there was so much wrong with the last one. But I have to admit now that it’s here, Lego Batman looks incredible.

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  1. Scott Alan

    See, with all the hype I was expecting something more. Still it looks like a rather nice tv (excusing the glare of course) and it’s making me hungry.

    BTW, is the glass cabinet in the corner new as well or did I somehow walk past it all week without noticing it?

  2. Georgia Ball

    The glass cabinet is also new, once the stand left the house there was a lot of storage space that needed to be made up for. You’re not the only person who has reacted as if 48″ is not that big, and that’s odd to me as it really does take up most of the room now in my eyes. Saw Kung Fu Panda for the first time last night and honest to goodness I haven’t seen 3D look that good since I was looking at it on monitors in art school.

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