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Hitting Atlanta this weekend was briefly touch and go, but the leg pain turned out to be a post-op sunburn only, so I’ve got to pack, wash the dog, stock the MP3 player and get on the road. I was mostly expecting to see my sister and get a Primerica pitch, but a note just […]

Up until two years ago, I was renting. There’s not a lot of room in an apartment for a party, and there’s not a lot of people that enjoy going to parties in an apartment as small as mine was. I bought a condo and had a couple of parties with a larger crowd, but […]

I haven’t posted much this week because surgery is an uncomfortable subject. So Scott’s family has this hereditary vascular problem that gradually turns into some pretty severe vericose veins. He got an ultrasound a few months ago because he’s been feeling some numbing sensations in his legs, and they said his veins are “messed up” […]

I’m prepping for my upcoming Christmas party. One of the items on the list is dealing with that outdated TV stand that’s been taking up space in my living room for 6 years. It’s one thing to hang on to that item that doesn’t match anything else but your parents gave it to you when […]

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This is how I got my VIP party at Howl at the Moon. Chuckles, being the professional clown that he is, really knows how to work a crowd. See the video for yourself. Bookmark It Hide Sites

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The Wilsons arrived at the airport on Saturday afternoon. They were in the mood for Chinese, so I took them to a place near my office called the Golden Lotus. I think’s it’s tough to get good Chinese in Orlando, and I’m a bit picky that way, but although the Golden Lotus is a hole […]

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