Last night I went to see the new David Zucker movie, An American Carol. I heard Michael Medved‘s review Friday afternoon and I already knew it was going to be uneven, and it was. I should have expected that anyway, as the Naked Gun movies began spiraling into parts II and III the jokes were already wearing thin. Zucker thinks it very funny when people are hit in the face and he wants you to feel the same way. I don’t always agree. Kevin Farley subscribes to his brother’s school of acting, and that means lots of mugging for the camera and grimacing under constant physical abuse.

What kept me interested where the more accomplished actors taking turns as historical figures. Jon Voigt was an elegant George Washington, and the Kennedy impersonator was so good he was inexplicably terrifying as he bore down on the lead character with disturbing intensity. Dennis Hopper was hilarious as a judge shotgunning ACLU zombies. But I was really surprised to discover that though I’ve had no previous interest in Kelsey Grammer, he becomes much hotter when dressed as General Patton. Men were men when commanding in the army and that must appeal to me.

The movie as a whole was even less than mediocre. It wasn’t as much of a waste of an evening as going to see Step Brothers. Which I did.

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