I am obsessed with Blade Runner. I was just thinking today about one of my favorite scenes. Rachel is reminded of an experience from her childhood. It’s an implanted memory, but that’s not important. A spider with an orange body and green legs was outside her window. She watched it build a web all summer. One day there was an egg in it. The egg hatched, and a hundred baby spiders came out. And they ate her.

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  1. Clint Carlson

    All those moments will be lost in time… like tears in rain…

  2. dick rogers

    Ah, Blade Runner.
    I could hardly wait for it to open in the theatre! Thought it was great and still do. It’s powerful. It’s disturbing. I draws you in. A truly great movie.
    Fabulous direction by Ridley Scott, fantastic cast including Harrison Ford.
    Have never understood why, despite interviews with all involved, Harrison Ford has such a dislike for it – he’ll hardly speak of it, and does not have a good thing to say when he does of the movie itself or his experience making it.

    And the comic book adaptation was done by the top talent of the day: the late, great Archie Goodwin wrote the adaptation, Jim Steranko painted the cover, art was by the legendary Al Williamson, assisted by Ralph Reese, Dan Green and Carlos Garzon – what more could you ask for?

  3. Georgia

    I got the big DVD set that came out last year for Christmas, so I’ve seen the interviews on the making of. I keep the plastic origami unicorn on my desk at work, it’s kind of a private joke that no one recognizes it for what it is.

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