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Last night was my first time brave enough to get on stage at Rising Star and karaoke with a live band. I loved everything about it! High marks for the lights hitting you on stage so you’re not so focused on whether or not the audience looks bored. I used to carpool. I had just […]

I saw this movie recently called Young Man with a Horn. Kirk Douglas has one thing he does really well. One thing. He’s a brilliant trumpet player, it’s all he ever wanted to do, it’s all he can do. Doris Day is in love with him, but he’s not in love with her, even though […]

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The last time I had a rotten day I went out and bought myself an $80 shirt. Today was a rotten day at work, so I went out and bought myself something expensive again. Work needs to improve or I will go broke in spite of the income. Tonight’s purchase was a yellow cardigan and […]

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So the other day Scott came to me and said, “I have a job that needs to come first.” And I knew he was right, going to the comic page format may have been easier for me to write, but it was too hard for him to finish in addition his book illustration work. We needed to […]

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