People at my new office keep coming up to me with this furtive sidelong glance and saying, “Uh, you’ve heard Halloween is a big deal here right?” It’s like they’re a little embarrassed about how big a deal it really is. I got the first email announcement three weeks ago and thought it was a joke. I’ve heard everyone dresses up. I’ve heard they shut down the enitre fifth floor last year and turned it into a haunted house, lights off and everything. And I’ve heard it’s impossible to do any work that day. The emails were letting us know about the Halloween planning committee, and the committee later informed us that our floor will be themed “Comic Book Heroes.” The database people have chosen Peanuts, the accountants will be the Flintstones, Marketing Submissions has elected Scooby Doo, and we’re the XMen. The fact that only we are in fact the only group who will be dressed as actual comic book heroes may not help us in the judging, and yes, there’s judging. You can’t even justify the hoopla by saying there’s a prize attached because I’ve heard the prize is just pizza. Unless Floridians REALLY like pizza that much.

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