A fellow webcomics artist and friend Bill Barnes, that creates the VERY successful comic strip “Unshelved” has been running strips in pencil lately. Now I like seeing art that is in process. It’s a unique perspective on an individual artist. I’ve had interest in the past in my process for our comic strip, and now that I’ve seen Bill doing that, I feel better about showing some of that myself. This is a great time too as our pending move is really draining my time. So the next several strips are going to show you how Maridee looks in process. You’ll see that I work pretty durn tight with my pencils. I’d like to get to the point where I remain sketchy in my pencils and become more refined at the inks stage, but that’s to come.

Now on the move front. We are still moving to Florida and very, VERY soon! We’ll be in Florida all this week in fact, and I’m not sure how that’s going to affect our updating the strip, but I can assure you it will some. I still plan to update on my dates of Wednesday and Monday, but if something happens to keep that from being successful….well, you’ve been warned. I’m looking forward to the time when all this craziness will be over and Maridee will be back to full strength….albeit in a much warmer climate.


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