What I will miss most about Seattle is the people, and the man I will most the most who is not a personal friend is Tom Douglas. For those of you not local to Washington, he’s the man who beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef with salmon on a cedar plank. He owns multiple restaurants in Seattle including the Dahlia Lounge, our favorite place to throw some money down on amazing food. We went to the Bite of Seattle for the first time on Saturday and Tom Douglas was there, hosting the area giving out samples from six different outstanding Seattle fine dining locations. His flank steak came in second to someone else’s Italian dessert that combined marscapone, sour cream and chestnut honey, but I also really liked the heirloom tomato gazpaucho from Salty’s. As a special treat I checked out green tea mochi from a Japanese booth and reaffirmed my love for green tea in every incarnation.

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