I’m writing this at 1 am because I just got back from a Rasputina concert. My college roommate introduced me to them in 1997, not long after their first album “Thanks for the Ether” had come out. Back then they were a three girl gothic cello band. Then the second album came out, the cellos were electronically amplified, and it was only better from there. Since then a drummer has been added and lead musician, songwriter and band leader Melora has had multiple backup cellists, but Rasputina continues and so I continue to go see them play. The first time I saw them was as they were wrapping up their opening act in front of Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Superstar tour, then I just missed them again in Atlanta’s Little Five Points when they canceled a concert. I finally managed to catch them in Seattle, twice now, and for the first time I have a t-shirt. They were, as always, incredible musicians to watch.

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