A few weeks ago we did a guest strip for Unshelved that reviewed one of my favorite books, a suspense novel by Mary Stewart called The Ivy Tree. They were nice enough to forward a couple of comments by their readers. One of them was inspired by the review to go out, find the book and read it. That is pretty amazing. I’ve never influenced someone to read a book that I know of. In case anyone else was thinking of picking it up, she said: “It was great! I loved it. I like those kind of mysteries.” And she was a little surprised it was shelved in the romance section, as am I. This weekend we won’t be around again, we’re headed back to Wenatchee to see the Apple Blossom Festival. I’ve never been, it sounds just Andy Griffith enough to make me want to go. And although he doesn’t know it, Moose can’t wait to go either and get a second helping of country dog living.

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