It was sunny yesterday afternoon, so we leashed up the dog and walked over to the park. Scott had bought an extra long yard leash so we tied the dog up to a tree and tossed a frisbee around. Moose got underfoot and ate grass. Then we walked down the street to Arby’s and I sat outside while Scott ordered. I got my usual Martha’s Vineyard Salad, which although good in every other way had disappointing iceberg lettuce (unlike the picture). I love those things but as an aside, I think they’re supposed to be using greener lettuce than that but rarely do. I watched the cars go by and realized I’ve really enjoyed Lynnwood. I’ve got friends that are all about Capitol Hill, and some that live in the suburbs, co-workers that live way out in the country, and some friends in ritzy Kirkland, but Lynnwood is the right mix of urban and out of the way for me. A park close by, a small lake with ducks, and food or coffee you can walk to, is exactly what I like in a neighborhood. It’s going to be hard to replicate that elsewhere.

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