Today is the first day of Sakura Con. I’ve missed too much work to take off for it today, but Scott will be there manning the helm. There are some new buttons we have out, and if you haven’t picked up our last book this would be a good time to do it. The printer we used is no longer printing books of that type, so there won’t be anymore books printed exactly like it. The strip for today may look odd, but that’s because its the guest strip we did for Unshelved. Bill has a webcomic about characters that work in a library, and his Sunday strip focuses on a new book every week. Our guest strip features one of my favorite authors Mary Stewart, the suspense writer from the 50s-70s who wrote The Cystal Cave and The Moonspinners. It’s not our usual size, it was made for Bill’s format. It’s fun to break out of the mold. I was thrilled with the final product, especially since I pulled off the separation between modern real world and the story set in the near past.

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