We spent another weekend at the McConnells but this was the first time we brought the dog. I had fun, but the dog had way more. I thought a lot about that old cartoon with the country mouse and the city mouse as I watched Moose get acquainted with their family dog, Nib. Nib is one of those large dogs you see on a farm, and Moose is about the size of a large rabbit, but they made instant friends, and Moose spent the whole trip following her around. He got to see what it’s like to walk down a trail without a leash, and every patch of dirt that Nib would roll in, or piece of the river Nib would dash through, or ditch she would drink out of, there would go he. Of course he didn’t account for Nib’s short, slick coat, so in no time he was a tangle of burrs and covered in sap. Being the city weenie he is, Moose was soon begging us for a bath. Not every dog was meant to be a farm dog.

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