So this was an Oscar night without a lot of groaner moments, which is nice for a change. Anyone catch those acrobats forming movie titles? Just when you thought the Academy had surpassed the cheesy nineties they bring in the shadow puppet people. I was a little annoyed by how many times the announcer kept characterizing it as an evening of surprises, I saw very few of them. One award that was not a surprise but was nonetheless a huge disappointment was the Best Animated Feature Oscar going to Happy Feet; it was an Oscar handed out for a popular idea to a movie that was in no way a contender for Cars. Was anyone really surprised by the winners for Best Actor and Actress? Every magazine had them as the front runners. The big relief was the win for The Departed, because as much as I was mildly amused by Little Miss Sunshine, had it won, it would have ranked up with The Greatest Show on Earth as one of the least worthy Best Pictures ever given the honor. It was cute, the ending was hysterical, but if you’ve seen just one family road movie from National Lampoon to The Daytrippers you’ve seen this one. Thank goodness they finally gave something to Scorsese in a year he made a decent movie before they had to give him one for a dog just to make him feel better. Don’t put it past them.

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