As you all should remember one of the early milestones this year that really shook up the animation industry was the buyout of Pixar by Disney, or rather Pixar taking charge of Disney animation. I wondered how this would alter the Disney Company at that time. Just the other day I read on the newswires about how Disney is going to further streamline its feature animation division by cutting 20% of its working staff. Not a surprise to me. Why would you want another 3D house working against what Pixar’s doing… and doing better. What I also found interesting was the blurb about how Disney is about to break ground on a new animated short — a new traditionally animated short featuring Goofy. This will be another “How to” short that made Goofy so famous during all those Kinney shorts decades ago. I’m excited to see Disney get back to it’s roots of traditional animation and I hope this is a sign of good things to come…at the hands of their big partner/rival Pixar. Oh! and I also read this short will be co-directed by a woman. Another first! And that’s a good thing too!
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